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When is enough mass media insults enough?

Last Update: Oct, 16th 2016
When is enough mass media insults enough? Portraying our president Barack Obama as the black devil on the History Channels misinformation production of the Bible should be the ultimate insult to the entire African American race. If you’ve had enough of being bullied and stereo typed by the communications media express yourself  become a media advocate .  www.mediaadvocates.com a website created to broadcast your video reaction to hot button topics up dates  24/7 www.mediaadvocates.com .   Black Newspapers and news media, we are Media Advocates, a product of Studio 2 Productions, a multimedia production company.  We have more than 30 years in the video broadcasting and photo journalism field. In those years, we have seen both the deterioration and the growth of Black representations in the world video communications media. We feel that it is finally time to tell our side of these extremely important and relevant stories via video 24/7 ( our story as adverse to history) everything media related is open game, in all expressions.    This is a notice of introduction to an exciting new concept that can only succeed with the corporation of all Black Newspapers and communications media outlets. Most citizens believe that the video communications media is bias towards their reporting and productions about minorities. We are also underrepresented on most of the national prime time news shows, such as but not limited to; CNBC, MSNBC, CNN, & FOX.  We are almost nonexistent on the Sunday Morning News Broadcast Panels except for TV one Washington Watch.    To speak candidly, we have noticed a few designated African American faces, many who are not representative of the middle class minority in their thoughts or opinions. Our contributions and achievements have been minimized; some even made out to be a mockery.  These stereotypes and half truths are sometimes outright lies and are fed to our society on a daily basis.  Do to these injustices Media Advocates has the antidote to collectively gather and reeducate via the internet.  Media Advocates broadcast our response in video 24 /7 once reviewed and approved.     “God bless the child who’s got his own” Billie Holiday   It’s time to do something about it   We as a people have been fed a steady diet of mistruths and outright lies which have been designed to lower our self esteem as if seeing ourselves in a distorted mirror.  This is being accomplished through multi-media's constant display of subject matter that is toxic, poison which eventually becomes a regular part of our diet resulting in the distortion of our mental capacity. The antidote is the collective action of the Media Advocates Internet text and video network feedback nationwide     When and how do we begin?     Here's how it works; Media Advocates will offer a daily broadcast filled with breaking news stories and interviews from the publishers and editors providing a Black perspective from Black Newspapers when available.  On the Media Advocates’ video internet broadcast; we will urge the readers of these newspapers to also become Media Advocates, sending us a 2 minute or less video on their observation of the stories that misrepresented, disrespected or insulted them.  Each video should start with the advocates name, city and state, topic of discussion, where was this misrepresentation found, and most importantly  what newspaper motivated you to become a Media Advocate correspondent.       The same collective effort that was used to get President Barack Obama elected and justice for Travone Martin etc. can be applied to every other aspect of our lives so that we can participate and live the American Dream instead of the nightmare. Media Advocates will offer an email news letter with free updates 24/7 with the names addresses and phone numbers of these perpetrators and put them on notice that we are insulted by their activities and actions.    We will also present links to all participating minority media outlets. Your stories are our stories and our stories are American stories. For detailed participating information visit our website www.mediaadvocates.com . (forward). 
“THINK Liberation Poster” Get yours today Aren’t more white people than black people killed by police? Police killed more than 100 unarmed black people Conception
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"God bless the child who's got his own"- Billie Holiday
It's time to do something about it right now and for our future generations, no other group takes these media insults without pushing back, but then no other group had to come up from under the Willie Lynch self hate doctrine either

We as a people have been fed a steady diet of mistruths and half-truths which has been designed to lower our self esteem as if seeing ourselves in a distorted mirror.  We need an antidote to this media Novocain. Remember, as the great Malcolm X once said…..

"It's like having a bad tooth and going to the dentist, that tooth is very sensitive to pain, so you flinch as the dentist reaches out towards the tooth. Then the dentist injects Novocain.         

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